Between July 1st and July 31st, Padre Gallery in New York is proud to present a group exhibition FRESH, featuring works by Tvorogov brothers, Grip Face, Sun-Kyo Park, Ken Nwadiogbu, Ayanfe Olarinde, Chen Wei Ting, LY, Willem Hoeffnagel, David Williams and Jeff McCreight akaRu8icon.


When high temperatures hit and everyone wants to leave the hot asphalt and surround themselves with sand and the sea, Pablo Villazán curated “FRESH”, a group exhibition of 10 international artists from different artistic backgrounds and age groups. All of them having different techniques. Their work will undoubtedly refresh our senses and make us enjoy the hot summer in the big apple as if it were an oasis in the middle of the desert.


The name “Fresh” is inspired by the bright colors used in Grip Face's artistic expression, the uncontrolled strokes of Chen Wei Ting, the youthful games of the eternal Bear by Tvorogov brothers or the camping scenes, which act as an escape valve for Willem Hoeffnagel. In addition the sensuality created on Ru8icon's imaginary beach, the intimacy of Ken Nwadiogbu and the impudence of Ayanfe Olarinde's work. It never leaves us indifferent which contrasts with the serenity of Sun-Kyo Park’s portraits and the beautiful simplicity of LY’s figures.