While his work has a clear figurative language, the large-scale paintings of Juan Miguel Palacios contain a strong conceptual load, where his work developed in series, has a constant wandering of the individual's identity and its relationship with the environment. Concepts such as mourning, duel, luxury, restlessness, and inequality, are constants vital in his work. Juan Miguel Palacios, continually explores the complex range of human emotions, with a free, powerful and always modern technique. He is driven by the search for new forms of expression and fuses sociopolitical themes with personal experiences and historical antecedents of art, creating a unique and modern environment on the most outstanding and controversial issues of contemporary society. Canvas, vinyl, methacrylate, aluminum, drywall,... surfaces where Juan Miguel Palacios presents his shocking and extensive work. Born in Madrid in 1973, Juan Miguel Palacios begins to paint at the early age of 6 years. After a long journey with many Art Professors and Fine Art Schools, at age 12 he joined the studio of the renowned Spanish painter Amadeo Roca Gisbert (disciple of Joaquin Sorolla) for six years. Along those years, he was educated and formed in a strict academic training until he joined the Faculty of Fine Arts in Madrid in 1991. When he had completed his college degree, in 1997 he founded the Laocoonte Art School of Madrid. During this period, he will combine mentoring and teaching with the development of his artist career with exhibitions in different cities of Spain and countries of Europe. Works as a muralist, theater scenographer, and film posters painter will string along with him during these years. His work has been shown in galleries around the world. Currently, he resides in NY since 2013..