New York City, October 27th- November 17th, 2021
Snacks of cracks
My works are sort of a diary of what is happening to me and allow my instinct and my attitude towards life to blossom. A random explosion that I try to bring order to.
In them I propose a playful and agitated look at a predictable and unchangeable world, a journey between the real and the imaginable and a reflection between the expected and the observed.
A balancing act between reason and emotion, two apparently contradictory territories that, when they rub against each other, generate a kind of energy that interests me.
I work with objects, sometimes I look out for them, they always seem to find me, and lately I have even been imagining them. Objects that contain their own unique circumstances and histories, objects that come attached to a life, with their own past, their present and the future of what we see in them.
Using these objects in my work is more a way of reviving hope than a working process. It is an attitude towards life that is based on humour, a common ground shared by artists and children where prejudices are abandoned and the purest part of us rises up to take away the seriousness of solemn subjects, It is the game of a child who re-signifies an object by framing it in his imagination, as the chair he is riding is a fast horse.
As in the scenes of life, imagination and humour, my works contain a narrative tension of thought, word, deed and omission. A tension enclosed in the arrangement of the objects I represent and in the dialogues that are established in each composition, a tension from which a feeling, a title and an image, together with the crime of using spray and impulsive symbols, become the lived and the desired.
"Robots, Dinosaurs and Biscuits" is my way of expressing what I have experienced in the last few weeks. It is a reflection on the experiences that have accompanied me on the journey to prepare this exhibition.
The journey we begin guided by the illusion of where we want to get to and by the instinct that tells us where we have to go, but also directed by a bunch of screens that show us where we are going and that confirm that we are on the right path.
A contrast between soul and technology, between the heart and the battery, a mental jumble between the first world, the second, the third and our own. A mixture that leads us to create a game of balances between the natural and the artificial, between the human and the technological, and to look at it from the perspective of a life, a journey and an exhibition.
A game, as always, between reason and emotion that helps us find those unexpected spaces that free us from prejudices to observe and surprise us.
We play, we seek balance, accompanied by dinosaurs that remind us of our origin, nature, the great, the beast and extinction. We play connected by a soulless being, united by a robot infiltrated in our lives, who does not have a body and who will not die before us. We play a game that has the obsolescence of a biscuit, programmed to be sweet and eaten in one bite.
From the starting box, or when the cards are dealt, from birth, as artificial as religion and as natural as the beginning of life, we start naked, with nothing on, but yet enthusiastic enough to dream that your luck in this Game of Life will always be surrounded by little monsters.
A fast, agile, immediate game, in which we seek the moment to know which gambling chip we should move. Hello and goodbye, time goes by, tick tock, I'm here and I'm leaving, we see each other, or not... What happens around us? Life passes by, soul and reason, we have two heads, we are more than just one, a boy and a girl, or two and two, or any of the four.
In this game we are not alone, there is no one like you, we are more than one person, we are a bunch of people, we meet with signs, tricks, luck, symbols and love, sometimes in a beastly way, like King-Kong used to do.
It's my turn to roll the dice, take a card, move a piece and show a new world, my world, in which nothing fits but everything seems to work out, like the robot and the wood in the never-ending game.
Because life is sweet, sometimes even pink, and it is consumed like a snack. Yum, mam... Shall we play?